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Question: Summarise the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading gives three possible reasons for the decline of yellow cedars. But the lecturer thinks none of the explanations is convincing enugh.
Firstly, the reading proposes that insect parasites\' attack, easpecially the cedar bark beetle is the driving force behind the decline. In cntrast, the lecturer points out that yellow cedars are more resistant to insects than most plants. For example, yellow trees can release some toxic chemicals on bark and insects eating barks will die soon.
Besides, the reading blames brown bears for the decline of yellow cedars. Brown bears\' eating tree barks to obtain sugar greatly weakens trees. Contrarily, the lecturer asserts that although bears can damage trees, but they cannot destroy overall trees. Tree decline is recorded on mainland as well as islands off coasts. Despite the large number of brown bears on mainland, there is no bears found on island. In other word, bears have nothing to do with the decline of trees.
Finally, the reading supposes that gradual changes may be another reason. Rapid climate change is a factor behind the changed timing of root growth,thus leading to frozen root damage and sensitiveness of trees. However, the lecturer says that if it is the climate change that leads to the decline, the most significant decrease should be found in cold areas in high allivation, while most declines happen in warm palces in low allivation.
In a nutshell, the reading puts forward three possible hypotheses of the decline of yellow cedar. But the lecturer thinks the true reason is still unknown and casts doubt on each of hypothesis.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
In today’s world, it is more important to work quickly and risk making mistakes than to works slowly and make sure that everything is correct.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Thanks to the development of medicine and treatment, modern people can suffer fewer illnesses and live a longer life expectancy. However, modern people are trapped with another new-emerging illness, anxiety. People\'s life pace is so fast that everyone is sparing no efforts to work as quickly as possible, with the increasing risk of making mistakes. After making mistakes, people are busy fixing the problem and face anxiety of low effiency. As far as I am concerned, I am in favour of working slowly and improving accuracy. Various reasons can account for my opinion.
On one hand, efficiency mainly depends on accomplishments, which is based on accuracy instead of working speed. We can take lessons from China\'s history. About 80 years ago, the whole country are crazy about developing industries. At that time China aimed at taking a frog leap to surpass America in 20 years, thus leaders ask everyone, ranging from students to workers to produce irons everyday. As a result, irons were of bad quality  so that a large number of resources were wasted and China was threatened by resource drain. So efficiency is the outcome of accuracy, rather than speed.
On the other hand, the pursue of accuracy instead of speed is a life attitude that is in urgent need of the time. We can learn from some scientists, they do not pay much attention to the speed of surveys, which is closely related to honor and property, but they would rather spend decades on a survey in the hope of making contributions to the whole world. There are two many examples, such as Yuan Longping, who devoting his lifetime to agriculture and Tu Yoyo, who solves a medicine problem and saves hundreds of life. Such attitude, pursue slow but accurate work, should be main attitde of the time.
Some may argue that the time changes so fast that many opportunities may be lost if we do not pursue speed. However, I maintain that there is no need to catch so many so-called gold chances on the grounds that there is only a limited number of chances can bring great change to our life. Almost everyone just chooses one thing to which devote himself.
In a nutshell, I think modern peopel should change their minds from blind pursuit of speed to paying attention to accuracy. It will not only bring benefits to personal mind, but also do good to whole society.


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